Technology in future

In future technology will overtake the world. There probably won’t be phones like we have now in future. Robots in future won’t be a new thing. They will help people in medicine, education and maybe police aswell. I hope that future will offer time traveling and other crazy stuff. Schools in future won’t be a thing anymore. There will be some microchips that you insert in your head and you will know everything education wise. Tv’s won’t be popular and they will be a ancient thing.  Cars, planes, trains, motorbikes will be environment friendly and a lot faster. Future will be awesome, suprising, fun and of course for us weird.

Air pollution 💨

Air pollution nowadays is a serious environmental problem. There are over one billion cars in the world that are polluting the air. People are trying to grow more trees so they produce oxygen. Those people who have money, they should drive electric cars. In the world are about 10 million factories, from which the smoke comes and pollutes the air aswell. Air is very important for humans, animal breathing, growing plants, etc. To reduce air pollution you should avoid burning leaves, trash, and other materials. Air pollution has been classified as a danger to human health and Earth’s many ecosystems for a long time.  Another negative effect of air pollution is the formation of acid rain, which harms trees, soils, rivers, and wildlife. Air pollution is a major global environmental risk to our health and food security.